The Callner Brothers Spend Time With GRANDMA And Discuss Their Latest Work.

By Miriam Callner

GRANDMA: Oh, you’re here! I’m so happy you made it!

ADAM: We’re glad we made it too!

BEN: This portfolio was one of those things that we just HAD to make.

GRANDMA: That’s nice. Do you boys want anything?

ADAM: We just want people to laugh and be entertained.

BEN: But we also hope that people might look at these spots and give their own meaning to them, especially when viewed in succession.

GRANDMA: How about a sandwich? You’ve always loved sandwiches.

BEN: Wow, so insightful Grandma. Because when you see a sandwich, you probably think of us… because when we love something, it becomes an extension of us, doesn’t it? And before we love it, we buy it. And before we buy it, we see it advertised, in some way. So advertising may be more impacting than we know, or want to admit. Commercials, consumerism, sentimentality, storytelling… it really is all about context, isn’t it?

ADAM: I think that’s true for humor as well.

BEN: So true bro bro! The same piece of music may be heart-wrenching in one context and hilarious in another.

GRANDMA: I have leftovers.

BEN: Exactly! We all have previous life experiences that affect how we interpret things.

ADAM: Yeah, it’s been surprising to see how different people with different backgrounds react.

BEN: Like when we show the portfolio to people in the ad industry, they sometimes laugh at the exact moment where others, who are not in the ad industry, cry.

GRANDMA: I have enough for two turkey sandwiches. Do you want a pickle?


BEN: Is it a bread and butter pickle?

GRANDMA: What’s that?

BEN: Is it a bread and butter pickle?

GRANDMA: I can’t hear him.

ADAM: He’s asking if it’s a bread and butter pickle?

GRANDMA: Oh, yes. I think it is.

BEN: Then no thank you.

ADAM: Yeah, actually, I’m okay too Grandma.

GRANDMA: What? You still want one?

ADAM: No, not anymore. Thank you though.

GRANDMA: Not anymore?

ADAM: No, I don’t want a pickle.

GRANDMA: What changed your mind?

ADAM: I don’t like bread and butter pickles.

GRANDMA: You don’t? What sort of pickles do you like?

ADAM: Dill. But it’s okay.

BEN: Yeah, me too.

GRANDMA: Ok. I’ll make sure to get dill from now on.

ADAM: That’s okay.

BEN: Yeah, that’s okay Grandma.

GRANDMA: So just the sandwich then? You don’t want anything else?

BEN: Great question! I know we both wish that we were able to keep two spots in particular, a follow up “Wee Kiwi Gum” spot and a nice little quiet ad for “Pleasant Petals.”

ADAM: Those spots have great performances, and are fun spots on their own, but unfortunately they didn’t strengthen the “film version” function on the website.

BEN: It really is such a shame when you find yourself cutting scenes that have amazing performances from actors like Bill O’Neill, Paul Vinson, Erick Chavarria, Jocelin Donahue, Ted Cannon, Josh Covitt, and Tim Karasawa.

GRANDMA: Oh, these are dill.

ADAM: I was wondering how they could be bread and butter when it says “dill” right there on the jar.

BEN: It says “dill?”

GRANDMA: Haha! I saw that too but thought it was an ingredient. Oh that’s funny!

BEN: Thanks Grandma. We hope others find it funny as well.

ADAM: That means a lot. It’s been such a pleasure.

GRANDMA: What’d you say?